Account overview

This is the overview of your account, You are able to see your trial or premium time that is left. If you're using the grepolis bot for the first time you will be given 7 days trial period. Once this is expired you need to purchase more days.

Module - Autofarm

This module will let you automatically demand/loot resources from your villages. You can change the settings of the autofarm to your own needs. There are different speed options.

Module - Autoculture

This module let you gather culture points by automatically starting the events: City festival, Olympic Games and Victory procession. You can determine which event you want to enable on your towns.

Module - Autobuild

This is the settings overview to change certain settings for the autofarmer. For example you can increase or lower the speed of farming.

Bot Console

This is the console of Grepobot. Here you can see the latest actions that the bot has made. It's handy to see where is might got stuck or what's it doing right at that moment.